The KEM Shared Savings Plan

Knight Energy Management has secured financing that allows us to upgrade your facilities with state-of-the-art LED technology with NO COST up front and GUARANTEED IMMEDIATE SAVINGS.


• Audit of Existing Lighting
• Computerized Comparison by KEM Engineers
• Print out of Energy Savings, Products and    Payment Method (contract period)


• Designed Retrofit (Design & Approve)
• Scope of Work Tailored to Clients' Needs
• Timeline for On-Time Completion


• Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
• Enhanced Lighting Conditions in Brighter
   Working Conditions
• LEED Points for Certifications


• No Disruptions to Daily Operation
• Maintain a Clean Working Environment
• Management and Replacement of Products
   for Duration of Contract

Financial Benefits

• Designed Retrofit (Design & Approve)
• Scope of Work Tailored to Clients' Needs
• Timeline for On-Time Completion


• Significant Reduction of Greenhouse Emissions
• Enhanced Lighting Conditions & Brighter
   Working Conditions
• LEED Points for Certifications

Projects include:

• Healthcare
• Education
• Corporate Offices
• Aviation/Transportation
• Municipalities
• Retail
• Auto Dealerships
• Manufacturing


About Knight Energy Management

Knight Energy Management was created to help businesses, along with local and state governments, GO GREEN when it comes to lighting. We retrofit large-scale facilities with the latest LED lighting technology. Our strategic business partners are Knight Enterprises and Enviro-Green Technologies. Knight Enterprises is a leading provider of infrastructure with a 25 year track record of excellence in the southeastern United States. Knight Enterprises will be responsible for the audit, installation and warranty. Enviro-Green Technologies is a leader in the LED manufacturing industry. KEM's direct access to this technology means incredible savings to clients. We hope to help you save money, and quite literally our planet, one LED light at a time.

Our Core Values

• Always environmentally aware
• Deliver unrivaled value to our customers
• Pursue operational excellence
• Provide accident-free service
• Commitment to community and giving back


Resources & Downloads

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File Name
Download Link
Resources & Planning Guide 2011
EGT Product Guide
Initial Est. Savings Worksheet
KEM Brochure


Request an Audit

Our unique no up-front cost system begins with a free audit of your facility by our certified electrical engineers. We will then provide you with a savings comparison of your current bill versus your future bill. You will see see immediate saving on your lighting bill.

Under our shared savings plan, KEM would receive an agreed upon percentage of only the lighting portion of your energy bill. Since this is a stipulated plan; everything is locked in for the agreed upon contract term. contract term. As energy prices rise, you continue to save. Your cost will never go up. You benefit 100% from HVAC savings and annual maintenance. Start saving today by contacting a member of our team.

Contact Us Today

Knight Energy Management
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Toll Free: (855) 533-6729
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